A selfie of Hamnah, a Pakistani person with light brown skin. He has short, brown hair dyed yellow at the bottom. Hamnah has a septum piercing with a gold ring, and black plugs as earrings. She looks at the camera with a neutral expression, mouth slightly

Hamnah Shahid

(any/all pronouns)

An award-winning, queer, agender, Pakistani
TTRPG performer and producer
creating experimental, resonant art that questions what TTRPG APs can be

Available for hire Q3 2024 onwards

I have been working in the TTRPG industry since March 2021. I thrive in stories that are focused on characters, their relationships, and the emotional turmoil of their lives. I love to explore themes of the tendervicious, the complexity of morals, and what or who it is that makes life worth living.


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